SG Capital Partners Fund I, KS

In February 2017, New Hanza Capital acquired the share of 30% in the alternative investment fund manager SG Capital Partners AIFP.

In May 2017, SG Capital Partners AIFP raised the investment of EUR 41 million for the alternative investment fund SG Capital Partners Fund I intended for acquiring sustainable commercial properties in the Baltics. The fund’s operations are focused on cash flow generating retail and office properties in Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn that either have achieved high sustainability (e.g., BREEAM) ratings or have the potential to do so.

In November 2016, SG Capital Partners AIFP was registered with the Financial and Capital Market Commission as the alternative investment fund management company. Its objective is raising funds from institutional clients and investing those in commercial real estate.

New Hanza Capital Fund 2017

In cooperation with one of the leading German alternative fund administration companies IntReal, alternative investment fund New Hanza Capital Fund 2017, was established in September 2017. The fund has secured intital capital commitements in amount EUR 60m, intended for purchasing commercial properties in Germany.

The fund manager of New Hanza Capital Fund 2017 is IntReal. New Hanza Capital acts as an asset manager for the fund.

IntReal is a company established in Germany in 2009. It focuses on setting up and managing real estate alternative investment funds for third parties. There are 99 funds under the company’s management, and their total assets under administration exceed EUR 15 billion.