Executive Board

Edgars Miļūns

Chairman of the Board

Edgars has been working in the real estate industry for more than 20 years taking part in various real estate development and management processes. Since 2017, he is managing Pillar Management, SIA, the full cycle real estate development company working on construction of the new Riga neighbourhood New Hanza, and managing projects of other affiliated companies. Since March 2018, holds the position of the Chairman of the Board of New Hanza Capital, AS. Edgars has graduated RISEBA as Professional Bachelor of Business Administration.

Aija Hermane-Sabule

Member of the Board

Aija has gained a significant experience while working as a tax expert in one of the big four audit companies. From 2013 to 2017, she has been holding a position of the Head of Accounting Department of ABLV Bank, AS, while starting from 2018, she was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Pillar Management, SIA, a real estate development company. She has graduated SBS Swiss Business School becoming Master of Business Administration, while in BA School of Business and Finance Aija obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Professional Master’s Degree in Finances.

Arnolds Romeiko

Member of the Board

Arnolds joined ABLV Group in 2012 becoming a Real Estate Project Manager. Demonstrating good asset management and trading skills, in 2016, he became Deputy CEO of New Hanza Capital, AS. Arnolds graduated from BA School of Business and Finance obtaining Master’s Degree in finances, while in SBS Swiss Business School he became a Master of Business Administration. He has 14 years of experience in real estate transactions.